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Xpodigital’s virtual solution – helping hotels connect their customers, where they are

Our guest presenter today is Jo Truett Fostock with  Xpodigital, an NHLA member.  Read about their innovative technology and solutions available.

As planners across the world continue the journey to feel fully confident in the adventure of
flawlessly executing virtual and hybrid events, there is still so much to learn. While many have
become savvy in Zoom or efficient in Teams, one thing for certain is that there is always a
dreaded fear of losing conversations due to a sudden spotty home network or poor production
studio connectivity.


When I ask meeting planners, “What keeps you up at night?” and their response involves the status of their keynote’s network, I typically have mixed emotions. While I feel terrible that this challenge has likely affected their project(s) in the past, and probably resulted in one of those embarrassing frozen
screens or even a complete loss of network, I’m also excited to be able to offer them an actual solution that will help keep poor network connectivity from ever ruining another virtual event.

Our team at Xpodigital has created an innovative internet solution that can be used virtually
anywhere to prevent network disasters. Xpodigital’s Virtual Presenter solution can be delivered
directly to your speaker’s doorstep, within a hotel ballroom or a production studio. With
sub-second failover, this solution provides secure backup connectivity for any home or office
location, ensuring network connections for your event never go down, no matter where they
are. With this new technology, we are able to connect your live conference audience with their virtual counterparts from coast-to-coast.


According to Gabe Gilligan, Xpodigital’s president, “Our first-to-market Virtual Presenter service allows for events to seamlessly and securely connect with their most important participants, many of whom may not be able to attend in person.”

It is critical for our clients and our industry to continue to deliver memorable and flawless events – even under the most difficult circumstances. Solving the unique challenges of virtual and hybrid events is a big part of that endeavor. With our Virtual Presenter solution, Xpodigital has solved the core concern of any event – safe, secure and reliable communication. And in a world where we don’t always know where our clients will be, great communication can help
bring the world to our clients.

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