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Valuable Benefits for NHLA Members

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is pleased to provide a variety of valuable benefits and resources for our members. We continually strive to increase our benefit package through new programs and partnerships. Our programs and benefits are open to all employees of a member company.

Educational opportunities primary focus

Educational resources is one of the most important benefits NHLA offers our members. We provide seminars and workshops throughout the year. We host conferences quarterly. Various programs and class discounts are offered for our members.

NHLA Scholarships

Scholarships are available for WIL and NRG members. The scholarships may be used for any educational purposes the recipient deems of interest.

NHLA assists with internship and externship connections for our students in the community.


The NHLA Women in Lodging division offers mentor programs, professional development, networking events and philanthropic participation for our women members.

NRGNext Reigning Generation is the young professionals group in NHLA. These young leaders have the opportunity to network, utilize professional development resources and offer philanthropic support for select community entities.

Take advantage of NHLA communication channels

NHLA has many communication channels in place for member information and participation. We provide industry alerts and member email broadcasts. We publish the Hospitality Headliner online newsletter every two weeks. The Master Key blog posts every Tuesday. We have active pages on NHLA and LinkedIn. Our members can take advantage of our communication channels by providing company information or newsworthy updates. We are happy to promote our members whenever we can.

NHLA provides member marketing opportunities

Visit our Deals and Discounts page and submit your member offer.

The vendor buyers’ guide allows member vendors to post special offers as well as information about the company. The vendor video program gives our members the opportunity to post a company video. We are also happy to assist with member introductions whenever possible.

NHLA hosts many annual events

We host several events annually including the Stars of the Industry Hospitality Awards Gala, and bowling and golf tournaments. We also host member social events at various venues.

NHLA committees

We have committees in place that welcome new members. We meet quarterly for the purpose of guiding the industry in specific areas as well as ensuring we consistently provide relevant resources.

Contact us if you have any questions about current benefits. We also welcome ideas for additional value-added benefits for our members.



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