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NHLA presents industry education for career stability

As our world and industry is in continuous change mode more than ever now, it is essential for career-minded individuals to have the new skills and education needed to attract and retain good jobs as well as advance in the industry.   What worked a few years ago may not be relevant today.  Let’s find out what is important for career stability and advancement according to industry professionals! [Read more…]

NHLA invites members to become a CGSP

What is a CGSP? On March 3, NHLA will present a virtual study workshop and exam to become a Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP), a prestigious certification available through the AHLA Education Institute and respected by all in the industry.  This event is available for NHLA members at a discount. [Read more…]

Fall brings renewal, education and ambition for NHLA members

The scorching days of summer are almost behind us as we welcome fall in our Nevada communities.  When the hot, heavy air is gone there is a renewal that can be felt.  A time for change, new ambitions and a desire to finish out the year with a big accomplishment. [Read more…]

Why NHLA Survey is Important

All NHLA members in our distribution database will soon be receiving an online NHLA survey. Why is it important to fill it out and return? [Read more…]

The Case for Professional Development-Time to Climb

What keeps associates happily employed? There are the usual reasons of salary, benefits, recognition, sense of belonging, positive work environment, etc. Another is helping them build a career pathway. Many people want to climb the ladder to success. This does not only include mentoring and providing advancement opportunities, but also helping their professional development and growth. [Read more…]

Enhance and Advance your Hospitality Career with Exec Diploma

In the last decade, the hospitality industry has changed in many ways.  But one truth remains constant: this is an industry that often relies on experience rather than education.  All of us that work in this dynamic field have a colleague, a friend, or a boss that worked their way up from line-level to supervisory positions and beyond.  Have you considered an Exec Diploma in Hospitality Operations? [Read more…]

NHLA Presents 2019 CGSP Program

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association in partnership with the Timothy S Y Lam Foundation launched the Certified Guest Service Professional program for our members this year.  The certification program recognizes the skills and expertise of professionals in our industry.  The 2019 CGSP program has been scheduled.  [Read more…]

Two amazing women, two amazing journeys

NHLA WIL has been invited by TISOH to attend an outstanding event on September 21 featuring guest speakers Laura Schwartz, former Director of Events for the White House and Susan Santiago, SVP for Global Select and Franchise Operations for Hyatt Hotels. These two amazing women will share their very different journeys to success. [Read more…]

Busy Year for NHLA WIL Members

NHLA Women in Lodging continues to be a robust division within the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. NHLA has presented dozens of WIL activities this year and we still have many more for the remainder of 2017. [Read more…]

What Anthony Learned While Walking Hugh Jackman’s Dog

Today, we introduce you to Anthony Lai, Student Affairs Program Manager at TISOH – The International School of Hospitality. Anthony is also the Vice Chairperson for the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association – Next Reigning Generation Committee.  We asked him to tell us about his career path so far. [Read more…]