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Join one of our NHLA committees

Why join a committee?  The answer is simple: To become involved and engaged with other professionals in our industry and to share your expertise while helping to guide NHLA.  Committees meet once per quarter and help plan webinars, seminars and an annual half day conference.  They also share ideas and resources with our membership. [Read more…]

Don’t Forget to be Human

Walking to my office I passed four people in the hall and promptly greeted them. Two looked up and replied back and two just said “Hello” while never looking up. The sad thing is that did not surprise me. In fact, that happens more times in a day then I care to admit. At first I would take it personally and think it rude, but then I really started to watch and pay attention to people as they are walking and realize it’s more a sign of the times. [Read more…]