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NV Hotel and Lodging Foundation expands board

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation was established in 2018 and exists to serve our industry in providing scholarships for students interested in furthering their careers through college classes, degrees, diploma programs and continuing education opportunities. [Read more…]

Enhance and Advance your Hospitality Career with Exec Diploma

In the last decade, the hospitality industry has changed in many ways.  But one truth remains constant: this is an industry that often relies on experience rather than education.  All of us that work in this dynamic field have a colleague, a friend, or a boss that worked their way up from line-level to supervisory positions and beyond.  Have you considered an Exec Diploma in Hospitality Operations? [Read more…]

Do Managers Assign Work Evenly?

Guest post provided by NHLA premier member Carpedia Hospitality

When we do studies in various hospitality environments, we often find large imbalances in output between individuals doing similar work. The fact that some people do more than others is perhaps a fairly obvious or predictable finding. People’s skills and capabilities vary quite significantly so it’s reasonable to assume output would be variable as well. What we find however, is that the variability often has less to do with people’s abilities, and more to do with how the actual work as assigned by managers. [Read more…]

Importance of Customer Service Tools

Often times the spectrum of customer service ends up in a frustrating circle.  The hospitality industry is ever-changing and a close eye must be kept on keeping up with those responsible for solid five star customer service. [Read more…]

NHLA Announces WIL Scholarship

NHLA WIL endeavors to identify and reward the best and brightest in the hospitality industry. The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association has partnered with the Timothy SY Lam Foundation.  The Lam Foundation is generously providing a sponsorship for scholarship for a deserving NHLA WIL member. [Read more…]

Architectural and Interior Design Photography

We asked NHLA member Shay Velich to tell us about his business, Shay Velich Studio. His company features professional architectural and interior design photography. [Read more…]