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Industry Education for Career Stability

As our world and industry is in continuous change mode more than ever now, it is essential for career-minded individuals to have the new skills and education needed to attract and retain good jobs as well as advance in the industry.   What worked a few years ago may not be relevant today. [Read more…]

Join one of our NHLA committees

Why join a committee?  The answer is simple: To become involved and engaged with other professionals in our industry and to share your expertise while helping to guide NHLA.  Committees meet once per quarter and help plan webinars, seminars and an annual half day conference.  They also share ideas and resources with our membership. [Read more…]

Checking on NHLA Membership Satisfaction

In a recent NHLA membership satisfaction survey, we asked our members “How satisfied are you with your membership in NHLA?”  Here are the results to that question. [Read more…]

Sign up to serve on an NHLA 2018 Committee

As we soon close out 2017 and ramp up for a productive New Year, we recommend getting involved in serving on a NHLA 2018 committee or council. Stepping outside your daily routine and working with successful individuals from other hotels and companies is guaranteed to enhance your professional development. What a fun way to do it! [Read more…]

What are the NHLA Committees up to?

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (NHLA) has many active and productive committees. So what’s new with our fabulous committees? [Read more…]

Why Committee Participation is Important

Serve on a committee? Today our lives are stretched thin with work and family obligations. Most people have stressful jobs regardless of the positions. A career in tourism and hospitality industry is a fast-paced, 24 hour, highly visible position. Who has time for additional responsibilities? [Read more…]

NHLA Announces 2016 Committee Chairpersons

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association has announced the newly appointed association committee chairpersons for 2016. The chairpersons are active members of NHLA and professionals in the related committee categories. [Read more…]