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DTN offers lucky lessons for March

Our guest blogger today is Deborah Thomas Nininger with DTN Productions.  Deborah is a long-time member of NHLA and offers very relevant and interesting sessions.  Take a look at her lucky lessons for March list. [Read more…]

Learning about NHLA member DTN Productions

This week’s guest blogger is Deborah Thomas-Nininger, owner of DTN Productions.  Deborah has been a member of NHLA for a few years now and has contributed to many of our conferences and events.  She is a highly recognized professional speaker and trainer.  Today she is sharing her thoughts to beginning 2021 on a positive note as well as her upcoming virtual sessions. [Read more…]

Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it?

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is proud to host our March 21 seminar, “Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it? Where can I buy it?” The dynamic seminar will be presented by Deborah Thomas-Nininger with DTN-Productions. [Read more…]

Taking the Itch Out of Assertiveness

If asked to define assertiveness what comes to mind…? Would your description include confident or would you say “pushy?” Perhaps you believe assertiveness means being an upfront, direct communicator. Were you thinking not everyone has the personality required to be assertive? Maybe you even mused it’s much easier for men to be assertive. [Read more…]