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Fall brings renewal, education and ambition for NHLA members

The scorching days of summer are almost behind us as we welcome fall in our Nevada communities.  When the hot, heavy air is gone there is a renewal that can be felt.  A time for change, new ambitions and a desire to finish out the year with a big accomplishment. [Read more…]

Dale Carnegie Presents Engagement Conference

Today, employee engagement and loyalty are more vital than ever to an organization’s success and competitive advantage! The biggest hurdle facing many of today’s leaders is how to interact with and create an engaged workforce. [Read more…]

Women in Lodging Leadership Conference

Join us for a dynamic and interactive Women in Lodging leadership conference on April 25 as women leaders from across the state and industry present important topics for professional development, leadership and career growth. [Read more…]

2017 Brings Energy, Ambition and Education

2017 has arrived! Energy, ambition and desire for education always accompany a new year.  We naturally seek knowledge, new trends, additional skills and opportunities.  What are you doing to expand your knowledge and skills in the new year? [Read more…]

February is a Busy Month for NHLA Members

Mark your calendars and get ready for a productive, busy and fun month for NHLA members. February brings seminars, Women in Lodging activities, NRG events and social networking opportunities. [Read more…]