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Safety and Security Solutions from Awareity

NHLA is pleased to welcome new member Awareity into membership.  The company is unique and offers specific safety and security services for businesses.  Read guest blog post from Rick Shaw below.

Awareity delivers research-based and real-world proven solutions to help hospitality and casino leaders manage growing challenges and answer some of their biggest questions:

  • How am I going to keep up with the new normal?
  • What are the best ways to deal with pandemic and other related fears, stressors, and rumors with employees, vendors, and guests?
  • How do we ensure individuals are aware and connected with new and changing phases of returning to work, risks, threats, liabilities, policies, procedures, and strategies?
  • How do I prevent violence and create a safer environment for my employees and guests?


Awareity promotes six stages of prevention

Awareity helps answer these questions with solutions that help you eliminate dangerous gaps, silos, and disconnects that can lead to huge liabilities, reputation damages, bottom line costs and even loss of lives. Awareity’s extensive research since 2001 reveals there are 6 Stages of Preventing and we utilized our research to develop unique technologies and our Butterfly Effect strategies to deliver game-changing results.



Return on prevention is better than return on investment and way better than a return on regret. To learn more visit

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