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NHLA September events – save the dates!

It was a busy summer with mentor programs, Women in Lodging events, Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation activities, seminars and the annual bowling tournament.  Looking ahead, NHLA September events will fill up your calendar! [Read more…]

NHLA presents CGSP certification event

In partnership with the Timothy S Y Lam Foundation, NHLA will present the next Certified Guest Service Professional workshop and exam on September 19.  The event will take place at TISOH (The International School of Hospitality) beginning at 9:00 a.m. [Read more…]

NHLA member marketing opportunities

While the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is a non-profit industry trade entity providing valuable resources and education for our members, we do offer some channels to highlight your business once you become a member.  Be sure to take advantage of the various NHLA member marketing opportunities available. [Read more…]

Why NHLA Survey is Important

All NHLA members in our distribution database will soon be receiving an online NHLA survey. Why is it important to fill it out and return? [Read more…]

August is around the corner-NHLA is gearing up

August is typically a busy month for everyone, particularly for those parents who have children returning to school or entering college.  With juggling work, end of summer activities and new horizons for the family, time has great value. [Read more…]

The Case for Professional Development-Time to Climb

What keeps associates happily employed? There are the usual reasons of salary, benefits, recognition, sense of belonging, positive work environment, etc. Another is helping them build a career pathway. Many people want to climb the ladder to success. This does not only include mentoring and providing advancement opportunities, but also helping their professional development and growth. [Read more…]

WIL Q3 Leadership Chat

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association Women in Lodging division has over 200 members, many of whom are very active, leading professionals.  Events are hosted each month that provide leadership development, quarterly leadership chat, philanthropic projects, educational activities and social networking opportunities. [Read more…]

NHLA Women in Lodging mentor session begins

On July 16 we will begin our 10th NHLA Women in Lodging mentor session.  The successful program was launched in 2015 and has been scheduled two times annually in SNV as well as sessions in NNV.  Attendance exceeds 400 women having completed the program so far. [Read more…]

What’s up in July at NHLA?

Summer is a busy time for everyone and NHLA is no exception.  We are in the midst of mentor programs, tournaments, board meetings, committee sessions and book clubs.  What will you be attending? [Read more…]

NHLA mentor programs great success

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association offers mentor programs for the Next Reigning Generation (NRG) young professional members.  NHLA also provides a mentor program for Women in Lodging.  Each program is held twice per year. [Read more…]

Nevada Hotel & Lodging Foundation
Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation

Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association extends sincere appreciation for their support to our educational entity members and partners:
Dale Carnegie Fall class

NEW: Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation

NHLA has formed a separate entity: The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation. The foundation is aligned with the goals and vision of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. The mission is to grant scholarships for education, certifications and training programs to eligible persons seeking to enter or advance within the hospitality industry in Nevada. Learn more.