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NHLA mentor programs to conclude soon

NHLA has been hosting two mentor sessions through Q1.  We have the Emerging Leaders session in progress as well as our Women in Lodging.  Everyone has been busy and productive in the NHLA mentor programs!

Mentor programs provide members with the opportunity to meet industry professionals who want to share their experience, knowledge and advice. Through the mentoring program, mentees receive guidance and support as they explore career enhancement and advancement.

By participating in a mentor program, members have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, share their expertise and widen their networks of professionals in the hospitality industry.

WIL Mentor programEmerging Leaders mentor

With over 65 participants, our mentors and mentees have been busy.  Both programs run basically the same.  They are in session for 8 weeks and mentees are paired with mentors according to their interests.

Two-way communication is essential for the success of the program.  Both the mentor and the mentee should be active participants in the program.  Generally the mentors provide assignments as they start off a new session.  They meet with the mentees, either in person or virtually, to learn about what they hope to accomplish in the program and then design the 8 weeks accordingly.  Mentees typically have a chance to visit the mentors’ properties or companies and meet with various department leaders to learn how everything works and how each department is depending on the others.

At the end of the 8 weeks, we meet again to learn what was beneficial for the mentees and how they will use it in their future experiences.  We also ask for ideas to incorporate and enhance future mentor sessions.


NHLA will offer WIL and Emerging Leaders mentor sessions again in late summer/early fall.  We encourage our leaders with experience to sign up as a mentor and those looking to broaden their horizons to participate as a mentee.

A special thank you to all of our mentors for taking time to participate. We know how very busy and challenging it is for our professionals right now.  Your guidance and tips for success are extremely valuable and appreciated for participants in the NHLA mentor programs.

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