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NHLA member survey results are in

Thank you to our members for taking the time to fill out our brief member survey.  We appreciate your input and value your opinions and ideas.  Here’s a general summary of the survey results in several of the question categories.

How satisfied are you with your membership in NHLA?

Extremely satisfied – 41.46%

Very satisfied – 29.27%

Satisfied – 29.27%

Not satisfied – 0%

How do you feel about the leadership of NHLA?

Extremely satisfied – 53.8%

Very satisfied – 35.90%

Satisfied – 10.26%

Not satisfied – 0%

Do you find the staff at NHLA to be responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful?

Yes – 100%

No – 0%

Quality of virtual presentations

5 stars:  27.27%

4 stars:  54.55%

3 stars:  18.18%

2 stars: 0

1 star: 0

Top 5 Topics of Interest for future presentations

Leadership Development

Training and Development


Social Media


What do you like best?  (a few of the comments)

NHLA member survey

Networking w/other hoteliers & professionals


Members unity for growth, development and continued education

The information sharing

Networking, education sessions, committees

Personal engagement

Opportunities to learn and network

Networking with local colleagues

The networking

Consistent updates

Networking and Information

Networking Events

The mentorship

Opportunities to learn more about the industry and professional development

The connection with other leaders in the industry. Influencing the new leaders starting their careers

The Clean & Green conference


Resources, webinars, certification

Variety of activities to attend

On-going educational/development opportunities

The industry communication and networking

Interaction with other members

Connecting with genuine and good people in the industry

Current Industry information

I think NHLA does a great job and any time I’ve had contact with a team member, everyone has been super responsive and very helpful. Very good people.

How does NHLA benefit you personally? (a few comments)

Membership benefits

Networking w/ other hoteliers & professionals

Networking, social gatherings, classes and being able to meet other young professionals

I have been able to see myself grow as a person both professionally and personally. The day to day teachings aren’t that of Business World only but overall able to be worked in day-to-day lives. I think skills/teachings/advice like these are extremely helpful and should be normalized more often.

It provides with current information to bring back to my company and share.

Exposure to new ideas, information, connections.

Yes, feeling connected

Helps maintain connections in hospitality community

It helps me get a better understanding of the industry as a whole as well as create networking opportunities.

Industry connections

Ability to gain more experience from professionals

Opportunity for growth. It also raises awareness to members so they can seek further development and possible networking opportunities.

I feel stronger as a female, as an Executive and as a Hospitality Leader. I feel very connected with the industry in Nevada.

As a company based on the east coast, NHLA has been a wonderful way for us to meet, network, and directly learn from Nevada hoteliers!

Networking outside of my own company

Network, provide resources for my students

Friendships and personal knowledge development outside my main area of expertise.

A great resource for current relevant events/changes within the city.

Professional growth

At this time, I find some of the webinars informative and interesting.


Networking and Industry knowledge

Contact NHLA at any time

Contact us

NHLA welcomes feedback and ideas from our members. It is through engagement and communication with our valued members that we are able to always be relevant, productive, and beneficial for our membership.  Don’t wait for the next member survey;  contact us at any time to tell us what is on your mind.

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