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As we soon close out 2017 and ramp up for a productive New Year, we recommend getting involved in serving on a NHLA 2018 committee or council. Stepping outside your daily routine and working with successful individuals from other hotels and companies is guaranteed to enhance your professional development. What a fun way to do it!

NHLA committees are open to all qualified members. The purpose of the committees is to ensure NHLA is offering the most relevant and beneficial resources and education for our members in each area. The committees meet once quarterly in person or by conference call.

NHLA has several committees. Which 2018 committee is right for you?

Education Committee

education committeeThe Education Committee assists to guide NHLA in providing educational resources, activities, seminars, webinars, industry programs, certifications and other related information for NHLA members.

Safety and Security Committee

The Safety and Security Committee will guide NHLA in providing information, updates, alerts, legislative information, news, resources, education and related community affairs for members.

Sustainability Committee


The sustainability committee will promote sustainability, efficiency, communication, education and environmental practices in today’s Hospitality Industry.

Hotel Food and Beverage Committee

Our mission as the Hotel Food & Beverage committee of NHLA is to offer unmatched training classes, knowledge resources and trade tastings, in order to stay abreast with the ever changing world of Food & Beverage.

Housekeeping Committee

housekeeping committeeFocus is on best operational practices to reduce costs while increasing guest satisfaction. Committee members will directly contribute to the direction and value of NHLA while networking with colleagues and peers.

NHLA Women in Lodging

We have two committees with NHLA WIL: Philanthropy and Mentor. The philanthropy committee guides the group on activities and charitable efforts for our members to participate in to support Dress for Success in SNV and NNV and The Shade Tree.

The NHLA WIL mentor committee oversees and participates in our very successful mentor program which is held two times a year in both SNV and NNV.

NHLA Women in Lodging

Next Reigning Generation (NRG-Young Professionals Group, under 36 years of age)

The NRG Committee works to engage industry professionals in the Nevada hospitality and support industries through the development of unique local resources including networking, mentorship, philanthropic and educational opportunities.


Sign up now to serve on a 2018 committee

To join a NHLA 2018 committee, please contact NHLA President Diane Gandy, 702-878-9272 or [email protected] We welcome your participation, guidance and support.


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