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Message from the team at NHLA

In these unprecedented times across our industry and our world, our thoughts are with all of our members, their loved ones and our communities.  We know these are very stressful times for all. The team at NHLA is committed to supporting our members, industry and communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have many resources posted on our website,, that are updated frequently.  It is a difficult time for everyone and we are here to help and support.

Nevada has seen many changes and challenges over the decades and we have always prevailed.  We have enjoyed ongoing success after disasters, struggles, economic downturns, challenges and the unimaginable.

How does Nevada overcome what seems to be the insurmountable?  We survive and thrive because of our people.  Nevadans pull together, especially the hospitality industry, do what needs to be done for the good of all, and work diligently to bring it all back to the superior levels we are so known for throughout the world.

Super stars will shine through!

NHLA super star wall

We have shown over the years that after a catastrophe or major challenge, our hospitality industry manages to come back stronger and brighter than ever.  It may seem bleak and dark at this time, but our super stars throughout the state will see us through with their resilience and determination.  Count on it!

Stay safe and healthy.  Reach out to us if we can be of assistance.  The team at NHLA is your industry resource.




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NEW: Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation

NHLA has formed a separate entity: The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation. The foundation is aligned with the goals and vision of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. The mission is to grant scholarships for education, certifications and training programs to eligible persons seeking to enter or advance within the hospitality industry in Nevada. Learn more.