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Learning about NHLA member DTN Productions

This week’s guest blogger is Deborah Thomas-Nininger, owner of DTN Productions.  Deborah has been a member of NHLA for a few years now and has contributed to many of our conferences and events.  She is a highly recognized professional speaker and trainer.  Today she is sharing her thoughts to beginning 2021 on a positive note as well as her upcoming virtual sessions.

January soft skills tips: 

Whether you have already set goals for 2021 or not, it’s not too late to get going and push yourself a little harder!

  • Be specific with goals and set target dates
  • Force yourself to try something new – stretch yourself, challenge yourself
  • Establish a follow-up plan to check on your progress…follow-through on YOU!
  • Routine decreases anxiety – did that get your attention?
  • Bump-up both your mood and cognitive function with a dynamic strategy – intentions are great, but…action/execution is required
  • Procrastination is the enemy so recognize it for what it is…destructive to your goals
January webinars will jumpstart your 2021 as you continue to develop your soft skills. Wow…look at the list below and sign up today!

Are You a People-Pleaser…Uh-Oh!

January 22nd, 2-3:15 pm EST
January 28th, 1-2:15 pm EST

Do you often feel guilty when you say “no”? Can you say no? Do you neglect your obligations to squeeze in the favors people often ask? Do you worry about disappointing people and will try to accommodate every request? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you feel less than authentic? Do you find yourself feeling resentful? This program will teach the techniques needed to self-advocate and analyze the stressful behavior of being a people-pleaser. Rid yourself of passive behaviors that are counterproductive! Learn to say no with zero guilt as you benefit from a well-managed schedule that puts you and your priorities in the right place.

Making Your Point…Moving On!

January 21st, 1-2:15 pm EST

Would people describe your communication style as concise and on point? Or would people say you tend to ramble? The ability to deliver a pitch-perfect message doesn’t happen by accident. Whether in a virtual meeting or back in the boardroom, you have only a matter of seconds to get and keep their attention. Judicious word choices are a must as you make your point quickly and with impact. This program helps with the connection from mind to mouth and provides tips that will make your words resonate with your listeners. This program teaches how to craft your message and grab their attention to avoid being unceremoniously dismissed.

Practicing Mindfulness…Yoga Pants Not Required!

January 23rd, 11 am – 12:15 pm EST (weekend webinar)

Interruptions, distractions, and shiny objects that attempt to grab our attention are daily occurrences. The choice is simple; manage our moments or let our moments manage us. To be fully present, putting feelings of being overwhelmed and time-constrained to the side can be achieved, but not without a mindful commitment. Harnessing the power of mindfulness is an inherent human capability – everyone can tap into it and benefit from it.
This program provides the tools to cultivate a mindful practice that will enhance each H2H (human to human) interaction and positively impact workplace productivity. The research on employee well-being lists the endless benefits of mindfulness, and it all begins with paying attention.

Work From Home…Strategies for Success & Sanity!

January 25th, 11 am – 12:15 pm EST

#WFH is the trending hashtag, but the reality requires a more somber plan of attack. Working from home offers a myriad of perks and pitfalls, right? Not to mention WFH causes a new type of stress! This program will put you on the right track to organize, strategize, and show up with your best professional self. Demonstrating your WFH capabilities starts with embracing the new norm without missing a step. WFH issues such as confidentiality, webcam readiness for virtual meetings, dealing with isolation, managing distractions, virtual manners, taking breaks, maintaining team communication tips and tricks, and much more are covered in this program! Bump up your Work From Home game and master the virtual environment.

Deborah Thomas Nininger

DTN Productions has a wide range of topics

Pop over to our website to register for your January webinar selections…can’t wait to have you join me! 

Each webinar is 75 minutes, $17.95, and includes a workbook and certificate of completion!

Contact us: [email protected]



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