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Learn about the trending design concepts for the hospitality industry

Join us on May 12, as professionals from the hospitality industry discuss the latest and greatest innovations for the hotel industry and the impact on each department.  Ensuring guest comfort and safety are at the forefront.  Register.

Professionals from the hospitality industry will talk about the importance in considering how design, remodel, renovation and new construction impacts each department and the interdependency involved.  Take a look at the fantastic line-up of some of the greatest operators in the business serve on our panel:

Guest panelists

Meeta Shah, Director of Architecture, Resorts World

Meeta Shah


Cliff Atkinson, SR VP, Able Services

Cliff Atkinson


 Mary Giuliano, Former Managing Director, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Mary Giuliano


Stewart Patchefsky, General Manager The Mansions and Sky Lofts at MGM Grand

 Stewart Patchefsky

Blaire Dela Cruz, VP Hotel Operations, Resorts World

Blaire Dela Cruz


Pooled interdependence involves each department in the organization as they typically perform separate functions.  While each department works independently, they all contribute to the overall company.  In the hospitality industry, it is essential that every department connects in a manner that presents an overall positive experience for guests and visitors.  Design, renovation, remodeling and new technologies all contribute in this area.  Learn the trends, successes and challenges our operators face today in the hospitality industry.

Anthony Lai, TISOH

Anthony Lai, The International School of Hospitality, will moderate this event.  Anthony is our NHLA moderator and coordinator for many virtual sessions and also oversees the Emerging Leaders mentor program.  Anthony does a fantastic job for our members.

Don’t miss this fascinating and relevant session.  Register now.


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