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Why join a committee?  The answer is simple: To become involved and engaged with other professionals in our industry and to share your expertise while helping to guide NHLA.  Committees meet once per quarter and help plan webinars, seminars and an annual half day conference.  They also share ideas and resources with our membership.

NHLA has several active committees.  Any NHLA member is invited and encouraged to join a committee.  Here are some details about the available 2021 NHLA committees:

education committee

Education:  The Education committee assists in guiding NHLA in providing educational resources, activities, seminars, webinars, industry programs, certifications and other related information for NHLA members.  This committee is led by Michele Kline, COO with Link Hospitality.


Clean and Green NHLA

Clean and Green Committee: The Clean and Green committee promotes best practices in housekeeping and sustainability, efficiency, communication, education and environmental practices in today’s Hospitality Industry. Focus is on best operational practices to reduce costs while increasing guest satisfaction. The committee assists in coordinating the annual related conference.  The Clean and Green committee is led by co-chairs Andy Ginsburg, Resorts World and Kevin Holloway, Aria Resort.


NHLA committees technology

Technology Committee: The NHLA Technology Committee serves our members by ensuring new industry trends, technologies, current issues, and resources are made available to all of our members.  This committee helps to schedule seminars, webinars and other related activities.  Leading this committee are Shannon McCallum, Volan Technology and Susan Ryan, MGM Resorts International.


Design NHLA committees

Design and Construction Committee:  The new NHLA design and construction committee provides industry advice and guidance on new property design and construction as well as renovation of existing structures. The committee assists in ensuring alignment with standards and safety regulations along with introduction of design concepts and trends. Members have expertise in various areas and will share their leadership, innovative ideas, and assistance with all of NHLA membership.  Meeta Shah, Resorts World, leads this group.

Security committee

Safety and Security:  The NHLA safety and Security committee is comprised of professionals in the industry serving in a related position.  Led by co-chairs Lori Mack, M Resort and Rick Shaw, Awareity, this committee helps to provide relevant information, communication and resources for the membership.  An annual half day conference is also planned by this team.


NHLA committees book club

NHLA Read to Lead Book and Podcast Club:  This is a new committee for 2021, led by Lynn Gray, Standard Textiles.  The committee plans a book or podcast for each quarter for members to read/listen to and discuss in three meetings for each.  The committee members will also take turns coordinating and leading these fun sessions.



WIL mentor

Women in Lodging Mentor program:  The WIL mentor committee helps to guide the activities and coordination of the mentor programs that are offered two times per year for the WIL members.  Dr. Toni Repetti leads the meetings while the committee members help to oversee the participants to ensure they are reaping benefit from being in the program.



Emerging LeadersEmerging Leaders Council: The council is comprised of our up-and-coming leaders from across the NHLA membership with responsibilities to include assisting in coordinating relevant events and providing resources for our younger professionals.


Our Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation also has committees

NHLA Foundation

Fundraising Committee:  The NHLA fundraising committee has the responsibility to meet the financial goal set each year. This is accomplished through soliciting and receiving monetary contributions from donors within and outside the hospitality industry.


Events/F&B Committee: The Events and Food and Beverage committee is responsible for creating, managing and coordinating events annually that generate funds for the foundation. A minimum of one main event will take place and be developed into a signature event on an annual basis. Smaller events will be scheduled throughout the year with proceeds benefitting the foundation.


Education/Mentoring Committee:  The NHLF education and mentor committee exists to develop and maintain the related foundation program components including scholarship application process, communication and administration.


Communication Committee:  The NHLF communication committee is responsible for helping to develop, create and maintain the brand throughout all communication areas including website, social media and marketing or informational collateral.


NHLA members can join any committee(s) of interest by filling out the form here.  We will begin our meetings for NHLA committees in January.  The Q1 meeting will be virtual.  We hope to see many new committee members as well as returning members on our 2021 committees.

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