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How important is reading for career advancement?

NHLA members feel it is very important to continue to learn in all aspects of life, particularly when it comes to leadership development.  The NHLA Read to Lead book club started out as a small group of people from our Women in Lodging division meeting every three weeks to discuss the assigned book.  By popular request, the club is now open to all NHLA members…join us for a productive and fun reading experience.

First reading club starts soon

The NHLA Read to Lead book club will start February 20 and will take place at The International School of Hospitality on Sunset in their brand new design lab.  This session will be led by Lynn Gray, a very active and friendly member in the association.

Read to Lead book club

The book we will be reading is “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink.  It can be purchased on Amazon or at local bookstores.  It describes the surprising truth about what motivates us.

The book club is a six week session with three meetings:  Beginning night, mid-session and closing night.

The purpose of the book club is to bring professionals together to read leadership books that can enhance their careers, help them grow, and build industry relationships.


We meet at fun, casual venues, the discussions are friendly and completely voluntary.  No one is “called upon” to talk – share your thoughts if you like, if not, that is perfectly fine.  Just come and have fun as we  continue to be progressive and respected leaders in the industry always taking an opportunity to expand our knowledge while learning from books as well as each other.

Everyone in NHLA is invited to participate, reading is not only educational and important – it is fun! Sign up here.  


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NEW: Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation

NHLA has formed a separate entity: The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation. The foundation is aligned with the goals and vision of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. The mission is to grant scholarships for education, certifications and training programs to eligible persons seeking to enter or advance within the hospitality industry in Nevada. Learn more.