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Emerging Leaders Mentor Program to begin in January

Emerging Leaders is a division of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association comprised of young industry professionals under the age of 36. Under the guidance of the NHLA staff, it exists to engage young professionals in the Nevada hospitality and support industries through the development of local resources including networking, mentorship, philanthropic and educational opportunities.

Our Emerging Leaders mentor program pairs NHLA young professionals with experienced leaders in the Nevada hospitality industry.  The mentors provide insights, guidance and tools for career success.

Emerging Leaders mentor

The Q1 mentor program will be set up on a virtual basis to begin the session and can progress virtually or in person meetings according to the preferences of the pairings. It will begin January 27.  The last meeting of this session will take place March 25 where we will discuss the experience and takeaways.  Each participant will receive a digital certificate of completion.

WIL mentor

If you are a young professional and looking for growth and development opportunities with established and highly respected leaders in our industry, this program is for you!

If you are an experienced management leader and would like to provide guidance and experience for up-and-coming leaders, we need and welcome you.


A fun virtual raffle offering career enhancing prizes will take place for the mentees registered in the program at the start of the mentor session.  Take a look at some of the wonderful prizes:


American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute courses  (2) – $200 value each course

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie

“Dale Carnegie Live Online Workshop”

Topic of your choice.  Valid for one registration, value up to $349

Franklin Covey


7 Habits of Highly Effective People 30 yr. anniversary book, The 7 Habits Signature Course Kit and a 1-hour coaching session.

The course is self-paced and the coaching session can be broken into two 30-minute check ins. Valued at $800

Shannon McCallum Hospitality


 One-hour virtual coaching session (2 prizes offered)           



Complimentary access to (1) Hospitality Climb series (of your choice) which includes five 60-minute classes on a specific topic

Experience Strategy Associates

One-hour coaching session with Greg Chase  (2 prizes offered)

Polished Service

Polished Service

Mystery Shopper Training (2 prizes offered)

  • A practical learning experience, including food and beverage allowance

Valued at $400 each

Donald Bowman Consulting

Donald Bowman

DBC Service Culture Coaching one-hour coaching session

  • Personalized session to focus on key areas of interest

Glassbox Group 

Digital Resume and Portfolio

  • Unique URL for prospective employer emailing purposes.
  • Includes images, resume, case studies, charts/graphs if needed, response link
  • Fully designed with writing assistance available
  • Photoshop if necessary

Every mentee participating in the 2021 Emerging Leaders winter mentor program will have one ticket entered in the drawing.  Winners will be announced during the first session.

Register now.

Mentors and mentees will be paired and introduced by mid-January along with receiving other details of the program in a virtual session on January 27.


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