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DTN offers lucky lessons for March

Our guest blogger today is Deborah Thomas Nininger with DTN Productions.  Deborah is a long-time member of NHLA and offers very relevant and interesting sessions.  Take a look at her lucky lessons for March list.

Hello, March! I do believe the harder (and smarter) I work, the luckier I am. But it is the month of March, so I’m also delighted to embrace the luck bestowed from a four-leaf clover! Wink!

Lucky lessons

I’m bringing a few new lucky webinars to you this month as well as some client favorites. And don’t forget, I can also schedule webinars just for you and your team on a day and time that works for you.

March soft skills tips to increase your luck…

Because the brain moves faster than the spoken word, make sure you’re not talking too quickly – people will miss part of your content

Your body language is a vital part of your communication and is harder to read in a virtual environment so don’t forget to smile!

Being persuasive is not the same as being a manipulator…not even close

Increase your #WFH engagement – people are missing interaction with their colleagues – how about a theme-based lucky ice breaker at the start of a meeting?

Can you handle the truth…feedback isn’t always embraced and growth then becomes an option (or not).


Lucky Lessons for March webinars include:


The Art of Verbal Persuasion & Building Rapport  

March 25th, 2-3:15 pm EDT

This program brings the absolute best of communication techniques to the forefront! This program embodies the communication style that is widely admired by all but not fully developed by most!

Whether negotiating, selling, or building a business relationship, the necessary basic skills needed are covered. Learn the art of communicating that builds rapport and secures the critical element of trust. Expressing one’s worth does not come easily to everyone but is necessary in order to be exceptionally persuasive.

Knowing how to communicate with empathy and/or logic is pivotal to being persuasive. Communication clarity, coupled with composure, will establish reassurance, and that equals persuasiveness – learn how to master the subtle and effective techniques that will label you a captivating communicator.

Giving feedback

How to Give & Receive Feedback

March 18th, 3-4:15 pm EDT
March 30th, 1-2:15 pm EDT

This program is designed to teach the finer art of giving feedback utilizing the top coaching tools and how to receive feedback proactively. Feedback is both formally and informally provided to professionals each day, sometimes thinly veiled, sometimes uncomfortably, often missing the mark, and, in some cases, completely misunderstood.

The art of giving and receiving feedback is essential to the elimination of the status quo – when done well; it becomes the hallmark of proactive people development. This session provides the opportunity to self-assess critical feedback attributes on both sides of the fence – giving and receiving.

Are You A People-Pleaser? Uh-Oh!

People please

March 6th, 11 am-12:15 pm EST (Weekend Webinar)
March 12th, 1-2:15 pm EST

Do you often feel guilty when you say “no”? Can you say no? Do you neglect your obligations to squeeze in the favors people often ask? Do you worry about disappointing people and will try to accommodate every request? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you feel less than authentic? Do you find yourself feeling resentful?

This program will teach the techniques needed to self-advocate and analyze the stressful behavior of being a people-pleaser. Rid yourself of passive behaviors that are counterproductive! Learn to say no with zero guilt as you benefit from a well-managed schedule that puts you and your priorities in the right place.


Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it? Where can I buy it?

Stand out gravitas

March 11th, 3-4:15 pm EST
March 20th, 11 am-12:15 pm EDT (Weekend Webinar)

Gravitas has become the newest “it factor” in separating oneself from the pack. People with gravitas stand up, stand out, and simply STAND when others may crumble or hide. This session provides a roadmap on adding the highly touted “I am taken seriously” quality into your professional resume of positive attributes.

Those who possess gravitas are often described as the real deal, assertive, great listener, empathetic, trustworthy, high integrity, composed, has a presence, and is commanding.

As you take stock of your professional brand, ask yourself, “do people take me seriously, or do I sabotage myself?” Do you need to bump-up your credibility in order to move things forward in your professional life? Do you feel that you often go around and around trying to get your points and ideas across? Do you ever feel unceremoniously dismissed?

Gravitas brings a certain cachet to your reputation, and if you already possess it, you know it…and so does everyone else!

reputation management

Reputation Management – Building Your Professional Brand!

March 16th, 12-1:15 pm EDT
March 27th, 11 am-12:15 pm EDT (Weekend Webinar)

The necessary foundation of one’s professional brand – managing your reputation! This program teaches the finer points of self-presentation critical to a successful and well-managed brand.

Entertaining, informative, and practical – you will learn the top 10 items pivotal to your business reputation and how to fine-tune your professional brand. Reputation = brand, and it’s up to everyone to effectively manage theirs.

Self-assessment topics range from approachability, verbal presence, making small talk, social media dos and don’ts, business entertaining, everyday etiquette, and much more! The top ten brand items were culled from years of research, and once discovered, aha moments will happen. So what do people say about you when you’re not in the room?

Work from Home

Work From Home…Strategies for Success & Sanity!

March 13th, 11 am-12:15 pm EST (Weekend Webinar)
March 22nd, 1-2:15 pm EDT

#WFH is the trending hashtag, but the reality requires a more somber plan of attack. Working from home offers a myriad of perks and pitfalls, right? Not to mention WFH causes a new type of stress!

This program will put you on the right track to organize, strategize, and show up with your best professional self. Demonstrating your WFH capabilities starts with embracing the new norm without missing a step.

WFH issues such as confidentiality, webcam readiness for virtual meetings, dealing with isolation, managing distractions, virtual manners, taking breaks, maintaining team communication tips and tricks, and much more are covered in this program! Bump up your Work From Home game and master the virtual environment.

Pop over to our website to register for your March webinar selections…can’t wait to have you join me! Also, please reach out for special team webinar requests! 

Each webinar is 75 minutes, $17.95, and includes a workbook and certificate of completion!

Contact us: [email protected]

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