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Donald Bowman is running for the NV Hotel and Lodging Foundation

Donald Bowman, a trustee on our board for the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation, is a leader in the industry.  Having served many years as GM of the Mandarin Oriental and now operating his own successful consulting company, Donald is impressive.  But wait!  Did you know he is also an avid runner?  He amazingly has run considerable distance since the onset of the pandemic last year.  He is going to run a half marathon in March that will mark 365 days of back to back running.  Proceeds will benefit the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation scholarship fund.

We asked Donald to tell us about his running adventure.  Here is what he has to say:

Donald Bowman

On March 13, I will streak for the 365 day in a row (running streak, that is!).  Since we were first locked down in Las Vegas with the lack of gyms and other workouts I started running each day.  Suddenly it was day 100 and at that point I thought I would just carry on for a year (something I also did when I was 16 for some odd reason).

I saw an opportunity to share some of the happiness this has given me by trying to raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization that I am involved in.  The hospitality industry has been decimated around the world by the pandemic.  Here in Nevada, it is such a huge part of our life, identity and economy.  There has never been a better time to find ways to support our hospitality families.  The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation provides educational financial support for NHLA members and their immediate families in the hospitality industry.

Run, Donald Bowman, Run!

So, on day 365, Saturday March 13th, I will run a half marathon around my neighborhood.  If you are in the neighborhood, please come and cheer, run a bit with me, throw me sweaty confetti, honk your horn, put up a sign, whatever you can do.

For those at Spanish Trail, below are the VERY ROUGH estimated times I’ll be at certain points around the neighborhood.

Donald Bowman run


Most importantly, if you can, please support me and this great cause by making a donation here. All support is welcome, no matter how small or large.  THANK YOU!

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