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Communication: A specialty of NHLA

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association has developed a reputation as a center for communication and resources for our Nevada hotel industry and members, heightened this year with the pandemic and related issues.

Through various channels we provide current, updated and ongoing information for COVID19, legislative and governmental actions, regulatory and compliance agencies, educational and leadership development resources, NHLA activities and programs, notifications of NHLA hosted or partner provided webinars, membership, seminars and podcasts, industry news, member news, job opportunities, and other resources specifically geared towards our hotel industry. NHLA is truly recognized as an association with a strong communication platform which is highlighted often by our members.

Communication channels

In addition to phone and in-person contact, our communication strategies include several channels for information and resource distribution.  Following are key components of our communication program:

NHLA Hospitality Headliner

Weekly online newsletter:  Our Hospitality Headliner online newsletter has a subscriber base of approximately 3000 people.  It is published by the NHLA team every Wednesday and contains a variety of informational posts linking to greater detail.  The posts range from welcoming new members to new regulatory information to our event calendar and other related information or resources.  The newsletters are archived here:


NHLA Website:  Our website,, is maintained daily with changes, additions, news, updates, programs and event calendar activities and registration.  All NHLA programs are available through the website as well as a vast amount of valuable information about the association, our leadership, membership and benefits.


Social Media:  NHLA is active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  Posts are made regularly and include member news, upcoming events or activities, programs, local news and updates, new benefits and resources and other pertinent information.


The Master Key Blog

Master Key Blog:  The NHLA Master Key Blog contains a variety of posts that pertain to members, the industry, communities, events, leadership, programs, member introductions and news.  Blogs are generally posted weekly.  It has a high volume of visitors each month.


E-broadcasts:  Flyers, letters and special information are all distributed via email through a special broadcast method.  The broadcasts are distributed to the full database or specifically generated for a segment of membership i.e. key contacts, etc. depending on the contents or purpose.


NHLA YouTube

NHLA YouTube:  Educational webinars and sessions are recorded and placed on our new YouTube channel.  This allows members who missed the session to have access at their convenience.  It also displays the quality of our educational activities for companies considering joining.

COVID19 Resources:  A special section has been designated for COVID19 resources, information, updates and mandates. Information in this area is extensive and maintained regularly. A vendor section is also designed reflecting PPE products available for purchase.

Members Only:  Our website offers a Members Only section that provides a great deal of information and resources.

NHLA survey

Surveys:  NHLA conducts a member survey two times per year so we can determine the perception of the association, how services and programs can be enhanced, what would make membership stronger (better), and new ideas relevant to the needs of the industry.

Email inquiries:  Member email inquiries are responded to within 24 hours, usually sooner.

Contact us

Members are encouraged to contact us at any time we may be of assistance or if they have relevant industry news to share.



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