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Changing and challenging trends affecting interior design

Our guest blog contributor this week, NHLA member Cinthy Stauss, Cachet Studios, LLC, has submitted an interesting blog pertaining to current interior design trends for hotels.  Cinthy serves on our new Design and Construction committee.

Lobby/Public spaces

Antimicrobial fabrics are already being used in most commercial and hospitality spaces, but how are we letting the end user know so to put their mind at ease?

Greenery biophilia: It is one of the simplest designs to incorporate. We all know the benefits, but we are still not incorporating into the design, why not? From a facility standpoint of view what is holding us back to make this technology a “best practice”? The technology is expensive to install and maintain, and clients see this as a want and not as a need. This type of installation gets taken out of projects.

Interior design

Sanitation standards: Will this become a way of the future? I think this is a big one. We are now faced with introducing new sanitation stations throughout hotel lobbies, outdoor spaces of gathering, corridors, elevators, etc. How do we make them aesthetically pleasing and how do we blend them into the design? How to quickly refill without interrupting the guest/end user?

Privacy panels: these have been around for a while but now we are having to rethink how to use these in new unobtrusive ways. New technologies in furniture design to avoid single person contact. Social distancing is not enough, what about larger groups?

Will adding drapery tracks into the ceiling be able to create more flexible spaces for social distancing in a pinch?

Temperature checks: Will this need to be incorporated into design? Should this be automated? Is providing temperature check points with an employee better than automated? Does the guest feel welcome if someone is performing a temperature check?

Hotel rooms-some considerations

NHLA interior design

Sanitation in rooms: New technology, should we be implementing these new UV phone cleaners in every room? Should this be a new standard? They would be more affordable than updating a lit mirror, if necessary. Some hotels are already using electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet light technology.

Housekeeping service: The lack of turndown service, increases the need for fresh towels, or reusing. Some hotels lack sufficient hooks.  The minimum number of hooks/ hangers is not enough. Sometimes, the clothesline in showers is completely omitted from design. Is there a need to revisit the standards?

Garbage accumulation: It is really disturbing to see other people’s garbage down the corridor. What is the solution that is being provided to guests to avoid this situation? Some hotels garbage bins are small. Could they increase in size?

Hotels have laundry chutes. What about a trash chute? In multifamily projects they are more common. If a hotel does have one, how can the guest find it to place their own garbage?  Would garbage chutes need to be reconsidered as future hotels are developed? From a maintenance point of view, having a garbage chutes requires staff and guest working together to keep it tidy, could this ever be accomplished?

Coffee, shampoo, soap etc. refills. Face masks?  Will operations increase the quantity that is currently being supplied to each room?

Should hotels provide small vacuums in hotel rooms to clean our own floors?

Cinthy can be reached at:

Cachet Studios

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