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Security situational awareness in a global pandemic

The pandemic has brought many changes and challenges to our industry particularly for security personnel.  Join us on April 7 as we meet virtually and talk to professionals in our industry as they share best practices, scenarios and other considerations regarding security situational awareness. [Read more…]

Understanding Security Risk and Managing it Effectively

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is hosting an industry security seminar on July 31 at The International School of Hospitality.  Special guest is Tim Libby who will present Understanding Security Risk and Managing it Effectively.  Anyone in the hotel security, risk management or management fields should attend. [Read more…]

Handling an Active Assailant Crisis

Will your team know what to do in the event of an active assailant attack? In today’s society, we hear about attacks at businesses and public areas across the globe, sadly, most include casualties. Unfortunately, it is the world we live in now and we must be prepared to protect guests, employees, and ourselves. Are you trained and prepared? [Read more…]

The Sum of all of our Fears

Guest blog submitted by NHLA member Edward Robusto, Predictive Leadership Solutions

A concert shooting in France, a nightclub shooting in Orlando, a mall shooting in Munich. Let’s face it we live in a different world that presents uncertain and potentially dangerous times. It seems like we are dealing with both domestic and international security concerns within the hospitality and leisure industries every single week. [Read more…]

NHLA Security Committee Home Safety Tips

NHLA has a dedicated safety and security committee comprised of industry professionals. The security committee members work with NHLA in coordinating relevant seminars and providing important information for our members. As the committee works with all of the law enforcement agencies, they will share safety tips with our members based on current trends. [Read more…]

Human Trafficking: An ongoing problem

Human trafficking is essentially modern day slavery and is not just a problem outside of Nevada. Statistics show thousands of men, women and children are trafficked in the United States each year primarily for sexual or labor exploitation. This is an ongoing problem in our industry. NHLA is hosting two seminars in January for Northern and Southern Nevada members. [Read more…]