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Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it?

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is proud to host our March 21 seminar, “Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it? Where can I buy it?” The dynamic seminar will be presented by Deborah Thomas-Nininger with DTN-Productions. [Read more…]

Kim Miramontes Presents NHLA Time Management Seminar

We all often wish there were more hours in the day. But if that were the case, would we be any more productive? Most likely not. Our lives our busy. Careers, families, pets, meetings, appointments, networking, finances, school, community involvement, religion, and commitments…just to name a few activities we juggle. Would you like to manage your time more effectively? Then we will see you tomorrow at our time management seminar presented by Kim Miramontes with Culture of Execution. [Read more…]

Ronna Timpa presents NHLA Business Writing Seminar

Your word should be your brand in all that you do. This includes in all business writing communication. Letters, reports, memos, policies, documents…and especially email correspondence. Many people have fallen into the poor habit of writing emails like they do texts…not acceptable in a business environment. What is acceptable? [Read more…]

2017 Brings Energy, Ambition and Education

2017 has arrived! Energy, ambition and desire for education always accompany a new year.  We naturally seek knowledge, new trends, additional skills and opportunities.  What are you doing to expand your knowledge and skills in the new year? [Read more…]

What’s in your Bucket?

Imagine you wake up one morning and you are handed a bucket. You are told you have all day to fill your bucket with shiny objects. You set out on a path where there are a multitude of different kinds of beautiful nuggets of precious metals and gemstones of every color, shape and size. [Read more…]

Taking the Itch Out of Assertiveness

If asked to define assertiveness what comes to mind…? Would your description include confident or would you say “pushy?” Perhaps you believe assertiveness means being an upfront, direct communicator. Were you thinking not everyone has the personality required to be assertive? Maybe you even mused it’s much easier for men to be assertive. [Read more…]

NHLA Wine Tasting and Education

NHLA is hosting an upcoming educational event, “Wine Tasting – Blind Tasting/Deductive Tasting Method” on July 24. The fun event will take place at  Southern Wine and Spirits in the Academy Room. [Read more…]

Meet Finley Cotrone

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association is proud to introduce Finley Cotrone. Finley is a guest presenter at the Time Management seminar hosted by NHLA at the Orleans on Thursday, May 28.  [Read more…]

Meet Greg Chase

Greg J. Chase is an accomplished hospitality professional known for his engaging, passionate speaking style and a unique ability to connect emotionally with his audiences. Over the last decade, he has worked for a diverse range of prestigious organizations, including hospitality giants and military institutions. [Read more…]

What time is it? NHLA presents time management seminar

If your life is hectic, busy beyond belief and admit it, sometimes chaotic, imagine what a few proven tips and techniques from experts in the field can do for you? Your life doesn’t have to feel so crazy and out of control. You really can gain control effectively of your time management skills. [Read more…]