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CHANGE, a catalyst for growth

Our guest blogger today talking about how CHANGE affects everyone is NHLA member Michele Kline, principle of Kline Hospitality Consulting.  Michele greatly supports NHLA in many ways and we are happy to have her share her thoughts with us. [Read more…]

COVID–19 Regulatory Relief and Work From Home 8 Safety Act

Our guest blogger this week is NHLA member Cinthy Stauss with Cachet Studios Interior Design.  Cinthy is the principle of the company and a registered designer.  She shares information about a new regulation that is of interest to those working from home. [Read more…]

Legalized marijuana wreaks havoc in no-smoking hotels

Today’s guest blogger is NHLA member FreshAir Smoking Sensors. FreshAir’s smoking sensors help hotels monitor for marijuana and tobacco. Thank you for sharing your views and solutions with our readers. [Read more…]

A revolutionary new contact tracing tool for meeting planners

Our guest blogger this week is NHLA member Volan Technology.  Volan has innovative tools to help keep guests and visitors safe.  Learn more about our impressive member company. [Read more…]

Xpodigital’s virtual solution – helping hotels connect their customers, where they are

Our guest presenter today is Jo Truett Fostock with  Xpodigital, an NHLA member.  Read about their innovative technology and solutions available.

As planners across the world continue the journey to feel fully confident in the adventure of
flawlessly executing virtual and hybrid events, there is still so much to learn. While many have
become savvy in Zoom or efficient in Teams, one thing for certain is that there is always a
dreaded fear of losing conversations due to a sudden spotty home network or poor production
studio connectivity. [Read more…]

DTN offers lucky lessons for March

Our guest blogger today is Deborah Thomas Nininger with DTN Productions.  Deborah is a long-time member of NHLA and offers very relevant and interesting sessions.  Take a look at her lucky lessons for March list. [Read more…]

Does Your Wireless Panic Button System Pass the Test? 4 Things You Can Improve on Today

Our guest blog post today was submitted by NHLA member SECURalert.  Thank you for providing information about your product and sharing considerations regarding panic button technology.

We are firm believers that a panic button system – also known as a wireless duress alarm – is one of the first and foremost steps that any organization should take when it comes to protecting and guaranteeing workplace safety. If your company already has a panic button solution installed, does your current system pass the test? [Read more…]

Changing and challenging trends affecting interior design

Our guest blog contributor this week, NHLA member Cinthy Stauss, Cachet Studios, LLC, has submitted an interesting blog pertaining to current interior design trends for hotels.  Cinthy serves on our new Design and Construction committee. [Read more…]

Learning about NHLA member DTN Productions

This week’s guest blogger is Deborah Thomas-Nininger, owner of DTN Productions.  Deborah has been a member of NHLA for a few years now and has contributed to many of our conferences and events.  She is a highly recognized professional speaker and trainer.  Today she is sharing her thoughts to beginning 2021 on a positive note as well as her upcoming virtual sessions. [Read more…]

Courageous Capture Practices

Bernie Vasquez, President of Polished Service and valued NHLA member, is our guest blogger this week.  Bernie is sharing his thoughts on accelerating experiences and practices with rich, valuable feedback. [Read more…]