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Best practices for communicating face covering directive

With Governor Sisolak’s directive last month that face coverings/masks are mandatory, hotel personnel are facing the challenge of politely yet effectively enforcing that directive.

Everyone has the responsibility to adhere to governmental directives and to help keep each other safe yet unfortunately not everyone sees it this way.  This creates a challenge for those industry team members in maintaining the excellent customer service their properties pride themselves on yet enforcing the directive to protect employees and guests.

Some of our members have shared their best practices in ensuring guests wear masks.  The most important component is proper communication.


mask directive


Here are some best practices to ensure everyone is aware of the face covering/mask directive.

Professionally advise in advance whenever possible:

  • Include information on confirmations
  • Put it on your website, social and blogs
  • Include it in email signature areas
  • Reservation personnel should let the guests know about the requirement when booking

Signage is essential to communicate the directive

  • Have signage posted at all entrances and in high traffic areas such as valet, lobbies, concierge, escalators, elevator landings, pools, restaurants, spas, gyms, etc.  Printable sign.
  • All front service team members should advise guests and visitors upon arrival
  • Have complimentary masks available in all outlets for those arriving or staying without masks
  • Distribute a welcome letter at check-in and include the directive in it
  • Place notices in advance in hotel rooms regarding the directive

Communication can be handled in a positive and professional manner.  Upon questioning, advise the guest or visitor that it is for everyone’s safety during these times and cooperation with this government directive is appreciated.


thank you

Be sure to thank those guests who willingly comply with the directive and are working to keep

Nevada safe.



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