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Being at home can have advantages

Lynn Gray is an active member of NHLA and is the contributor of this week’s blog.

Happy Groundhog Day!  Groundhog Day you ask?  Well, if your world is like mine ever since “shelter at home” began I don’t know if it’s Tuesday or Saturday.  It all just feels the same and the same day has been repeating for weeks now.

So, what will we do different today so we can add something new and refreshing to our arsenal of food, toilet tissue, masks and lounge wear (aka pajamas)?  You’ve tried online video binging, recipes for quarantine, video chatting – noticing our friends & family have longer more colorful hair (I wasn’t thinking gray), facial hair, and everyone is dressed as if they have worked out for hours.  For those who now have a home office on their kitchen table, just add kids.  I heard some giggles through the computer (don’t worry, laughter is good!)  We’re all looking for ways . . . ways to survive mentally, physically, socially, and of course economically.

Opinions and experts

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There are as many opinions as there are experts.”  We are all listening to the daily news, looking at our savings, or lack thereof, most of us are scrambling trying to find something else to take us away from all the news chatter.  Some are working more than ever and have no balance, some of us have taken on new work roles of schooling our children and keeping our household upbeat and together 24/7 while searching for balance.


Pause and try this 1-minute exercise – close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out, repeat 4 more times.  If you opened your eyes, you’ll notice you’re still breathing.  At the end, try this breathing exercise again and ask yourself, what do you feel?  What do you hear?  Is your stomach growling?  Are you just there with yourself listening to all that is happening around you?  Is the voice in your head taking over?  Ask your inner voice to please help you listen to your surroundings.  In this moment, there is just you, breathing and you are ok.

Let the noises surrounding you be just that.  Remind yourself:  You are an exceptional human!  You are beautiful!  You have made so many wonderful things happen in your life!  You are successful!  You can do and conquer anything!  Begin having that voice in your head remind yourself of how strong and fearless you are!

In it together, take advantage of being at home

We are all in this together, and we all allow that little voice to get the best of us.  Write a daily plan, reach out to 1 person you haven’t touched base with recently, surprise someone and send a card or letter and tell them why they’re so special.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish.  Dream, you have the time.  Dress up for your video call – wear a costume.  Engage with each other and tell jokes.  Cook for your neighbor and leave it at their front door or ring their bell and hold a sign with a smiley face.  This is a time to come together for peace and laughter.  We will get through this together, as one wonderful community, the heart of America the Beautiful, our home!


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