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New Technology Reduces Smoking and Increases Revenue

FreshAir Sensor is a valued NHLA member and our guest for this week’s blog post.  Learn more about the industry products and services offered by this company. [Read more…]

Safety and Security Solutions from Awareity

NHLA is pleased to welcome new member Awareity into membership.  The company is unique and offers specific safety and security services for businesses.  Read guest blog post from Rick Shaw below. [Read more…]

Being at home can have advantages

Lynn Gray is an active member of NHLA and is the contributor of this week’s blog.

Happy Groundhog Day!  Groundhog Day you ask?  Well, if your world is like mine ever since “shelter at home” began I don’t know if it’s Tuesday or Saturday.  It all just feels the same and the same day has been repeating for weeks now. [Read more…]

Surface and Airstream Disinfection for Coronavirus: Solutions

NHLA member Jim Kenney with Catalytic Pure Air is the contributor of this blog post.  

While planning ahead to provide a safer environment for your guests and employees when your property reopens, all customers will be wanting to know what your property is doing to make it a safe place to visit, stay and enjoy. [Read more…]

Welcome Waldorf Astoria

Las Vegas, one of the world’s most dynamic cities, has become even more unforgettable with the recent arrival of Hilton’s iconic luxury brand, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, formerly Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, brings a new spirit to The Strip, offering sophisticated and inquisitive travelers unforgettable experiences, exemplary service, timeless amenities and spirited touch points. [Read more…]

Mind Shift: Indoor Air Quality Drive Revenues

Why Indoor Air Quality as an Amenity?

Each day a guest breathes about 2,000 gallons of air and expects healthy air. Better indoor air quality means happier customers, longer stays and increased revenues. The number one complaint in gaming environments is secondhand smoke. Embracing indoor air quality as a key amenity is the start of improving what your guests breathe. [Read more…]

Business Writing Tips from Ronna Timpa

Ronna Timpa, owner of Workplace ESL Solutions and active NHLA member, teaches business writing classes.  Today she is sharing some useful tips with Master Key readers. Read on. [Read more…]

Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks: Customer Service and Morale

Customer service is not easy for everyone.  On the same note, some patrons want to be treated much differently than others.  This applies to both ends of the spectrum.  Some employees have a natural knack to provide 100% excellent customer service while others have to struggle with even the basic concepts. They try very hard to please even the easiest guest to no avail or they really don’t try at all. [Read more…]

What is Big Data?

Big Data and analytics spending are forecasted to reach $187 billion worldwide within 2 years, according to the IDC. And over 90% of companies say that being data-driven is a “strategic priority” (Bain & Co.). However, the vast majority of companies do not have a plan in place nor an understanding of what they want to achieve. And the hospitality industry has only recently woken up to the concept of Big Data and analytics. [Read more…]

Importance of Customer Service Tools

Often times the spectrum of customer service ends up in a frustrating circle.  The hospitality industry is ever-changing and a close eye must be kept on keeping up with those responsible for solid five star customer service. [Read more…]