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A message from Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association’s board and executive staff want to take this opportunity to thank our members.  Supporting the industry through this extremely difficult time has been our sole focus for the past several weeks and your dedication and involvement continues to be very important.  We are devoting our attention, efforts and resources towards advancing a positive outcome by being a front line representative in communicating with our members as well as working with relevant entities, organizations and local, state and federal officials.

Serving our members

As an industry that takes care of people, we are here to serve you.  The impact of COVID-19 was fast and severe. We have received and answered hundreds and hundreds of questions and emails over the past several weeks for our members and agencies.  Our efforts entail communicating important updates to our members through various channels, providing resources, and advocating for legislative support.  We created a section early on within our website for all COVID related information.

Communication channels

Our communication channels include:

We will continue to arrange and host webinars, podcasts and virtual meetings at no charge for our members on various topics.  Some of our webinars have included DETR regarding unemployment information, Navigating Change and Uncertainty, Forbes Travel, Dale Carnegie courses, Local and U.S. Chamber presentations, hospitality programs, AHLA courses, Leading through Crisis, Effectively Managing Our Time at Home, CLIMB courses from The International School of Hospitality, Cultural Changes and more.  We provided an excel class online for our members, too.

We also hosted a NHLA Women in Lodging Leadership Virtual Chat presented by Dr. Toni Repetti, UNLV Professor.   The next WIL chat will be June 25 featuring Nicole Marshall, Regional Manager with Siegel Group.  Nicole manages 6 properties.  She is fun, engaging and has a diverse background in the hospitality industry.

NHLF scholarships


Through our Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation, we are offering one scholarship per week through June 30 to members for a course of their choice from the selection available from AHLA.  This is a good time to enhance skills and knowledge for free.  Apply here.

Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association members represent strength

Being a member of NHLA makes everyone stronger as we advance communication, industry representation, job skills and employment opportunities through leadership, professional development, education and mentoring programs.

At the heart of any association are people-our members-comprising leaders, mentors, innovators, teachers, students, researchers, communicators, teams, vendors, and supporters.  Your continued membership and input is crucial at this time and much appreciated for your employees, our state and our industry. Working together will assist in bringing Nevada’s hospitality industry back stronger than ever.


Thank you for your support.  We are here to assist and serve our members at any time.  Feel free to contact us.

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Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association extends sincere appreciation for their support to our educational entity members and partners:
Dale Carnegie Fall class

NEW: Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation

NHLA has formed a separate entity: The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Foundation. The foundation is aligned with the goals and vision of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. The mission is to grant scholarships for education, certifications and training programs to eligible persons seeking to enter or advance within the hospitality industry in Nevada. Learn more.