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Thank you, Anthony Melchiorri

  NHLA would like to thank Anthony Melchiorri for his fantastic Q&A session hosted by Greg Chase this morning. Anthony has interesting insight and a lot of experience in the industry. We appreciate him sharing his valuable time for our members today. We also appreciate Greg for hosting and moderating this important segment. Greg always makes it interesting!

Can you Think inside the Box?

  Donald Bowman, former General Manager of Mandarin Oriental and Waldorf Astoria, will talk about important leadership skills needed in today's environment navigating through the ongoing pandemic and what is to come thereafter. Register

Learn about the status of the Brightline West high speed rail project

  Brightline West, a Brightline affiliated company, is a high-speed passenger rail system that is redefining train travel in America. Connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas through multiple intercity projects, Brightline West is designed to take cars off the road and offer millions of travelers a green way to travel. Join us on January 14 to learn more.

It's the Manager: Moving From Boss to Coach

  Our Q1 Read to Lead Book Club will begin January 12. We will be reading It's the Manager: Moving From Boss to Coach by Jim Harter. Led by NHLA member Lynn Gray, the sessions are friendly with no pressure. Attendees can participate as they wish or just observe the discussion, whatever is the most comfortable. Everyone gains something from our book clubs! Sign up.

Emerging Leaders Mentor Program begins January 27

  If you are a young professional and looking for growth and development opportunities with established and highly respected leaders in our industry, this program is for you! Our Emerging Leaders mentor program pairs NHLA young professionals with experienced leaders in the Nevada hospitality industry. The mentors provide insights, guidance and tools for career success. If you are an experienced management leader and would like to provide guidance and experience for up-and-coming leaders, we need and welcome you. Sign up for this popular Emerging Leaders' event.

Dale Carnegie presents virtual session January 7

  NHLA member Dale Carnegie will present Effective Communications & Human Relations: Course Preview. This course helps participants master the communication skills necessary in today's demanding business environment both face to face and virtual. Time-tested skills and principles strengthen your inner voice, giving you the confidence to perform as a persuasive communicator, diligent problem solver, and focused leader. NHLA members attend free.

Q1 Education Committee Meeting set for January 28

  The NHLA education committee will meet on January 28. All NHLA members are welcome to participate on our various committees. Sign up.

Travel Nevada offers free travel guides

  Travel Nevada is offering free travel and visitors guides depicting the beauty found throughout our great state. Get your copy. More info.

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